W.H.H. Van Sickle
B.A.,  M.Sc.(Pl.)

Topographical and Building History Research

Topographical and historical resources tend to be under-used by property developers, general architects, and even historic-buildings architects. One reason for this is that much historical work is focused upon themes rather than places, and material which might be of interest relates only marginally to specific buildings.

Nonetheless, a great deal of site-specific material exists in archives, and when placed in its historical context can be invaluable in documenting aspects of design and development. Such work is often done in a casual manner and/or is poorly related to building projects, but there is no obvious reason why archival and topographical research should be any less thorough and rigorous than other aspects which are routinely explored prior to restoration, design or development.

Since 1985, I have combined an academic background in urban design and architectural history with professional experience as a consultant dealing with historic buildings legislation, procedures and projects, in order to locate, analyse and summarise archival material relating to buildings and sites.
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W.H.H. Van Sickle, B.A.,M.Sc.(Pl.)
Topographical and Building History Research


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